Flat Fee "Self-Help" Child Support Services

If money is a bit tight for you right now but you believe that you are entitled to a change in your child support obligation, the law firm of Field Law, P.A. is here to help. Present employment or market conditions may have you wondering how you are going to afford an attorney. We may have a solution for you in which you engage in “self-help” with our assistance. While a good percentage of our cases retain us for full services we recognize that money can be tight for some who already are struggling with a burdensome child support order. With our Flat Fee program we will assist you in properly preparing your case so that you put your best foot forward in court. You may only get one crack at getting your child support order changed. Why take a chance?

Q: Just what is your “Self-help” Plan?

A: For a reasonable flat fee, we will work in partnership with you to prepare your child support case. Essentially, what we do is ‘set up’ your case and what you do is ‘finish it’ by representing yourself at the hearing. In setting up your case, the Firm will analyze your case (including calculating your child support based on present conditions & suggesting needed documentation & witnesses), prepare your court paperwork, and offer you a ‘tip sheet.’ The tip sheet will tell you what to expect in court, what arguments to make, what arguments to expect, and what is proper court behavior.

Q: What will this cost me?

A: Your initial half hour consultation will only cost you $50. If you elect to participate in the flat fee program, the cost is under $700. This partnership effort will not only potentially save you more than half of the legal fees you would customarily pay for full services but it will put you in a better position to secure a more favorable outcome than if you ‘go it alone.’

Q: So how do I get started?

A: We first present to you a questionnaire, preferably via email, for you to complete and return as part of our initial analysis to determine whether you have a case. If it appears that your case has merit then we schedule an appointment with you to address further particulars. At the end of the initial half hour consultation, you are free to go without any obligation. If, however, you wish to engage the Firm, you may do so. The bottom line is whether you retain the Firm or not, an attorney (not a paralegal), will consult with you! Also, you should know that at anytime during your case you can convert your case from a flat fee ‘self help’ plan to ‘full services’ and we will credit your initial flat fee payment towards the Firm’s full services retainer (which is ‘hourly’ based).

Q: I am of low income. Are there any benefits in this for me?

A: If you happen to have low income, the Firm does offers a sliding fee discount. Upon request, we will send you our sliding fee scale.

Q: I like this. Do you have ‘self-help’ programs for other areas of family law?

A: Not at this time but we are working on it and hope to announce those additions soon.

Q: So, what do I do?

A: Simply call us at 763.427.9066, or, email us at jfield@josephfieldlaw.com, to get a no obligation assessment of your child support situation. We will email or fax you a form. Fill that form out and return it to us. If your case has merit, we will then discuss getting started on our flat fee program.



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